Football Video Analysis

Video analysis and evaluation have never been easier in football. You get a perfect video of every game with the tools to mark and categorize crucial scenes quickly and efficiently. In addition, we develop intelligent AI algorithms that recognize players, running routes, and all events on the pitch and present the statistics to you in a clear way.

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Football Video Analysis

Simple one-time installation of the Plug&Play camera system. The 4K cameras cover the entire field at all times and the optimal image section is determined automatically. The matches are easily scheduled via the calendar and the intelligent system records by itself, without a cameraman. Thanks to the 180-degree image, every player can be analysed at any time during the entire match. So you will never miss an important scene again.

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Thanks to our tagging app, decisive scenes are already marked live during the match on a smartphone or tablet. This saves you valuable time during the video analysis. After the match, the video is available for analysis directly on our web platform.With a few clicks mark scenes and sort them directly into playlists.


Create your own video database. Share the most important scenes with your team either directly or via compact video analysis units. Players benefit from an objective view of the game scenes and tactical implementations can be analysed even more precisely. Furthermore, football video analysis facilitates the development of new tactics and the setting of training priorities. 

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