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Take the game into your hands

Second Screen Analysis

Transform your coaching approach with live analysis tools available right on the bench. Never miss a moment again. Change your teams fortunes in minutes by empowering your players with instant, actionable, objective feedback. All of our tagging features that you know and love from zone14 REPLAY are available for live games.

Precision Playback

Replay clips throughout the game to instantly identify tactical strengths and weaknesses as they happen and make immediate. objective decisions.

Remote Analysis

No more confines of the stadium. With zone14’s Remote Analysis, club analysts can now analyse games live from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s from home or halfway across the globe, you’re always in the heart of the action. Clubs can now hire freelance analysts who can do their work for multiple clubs remotely.

Halftime Insights

Make the most of your second screen analysis and replays during halftime team talks, offering precise examples to ensure your players are prepared to excel in the second half.

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Streamline Your Game Analysis with Live Tagging

Capture key moments

Capture all key moments as they happen during the match, allowing you to create a full log of events in real-time and ensure nothing is missed. Fully customize the tags to your specific needs.

Save Time

Shorten post match analysis time by easily retrieving all tagged events without having to rewatch the whole match. The recording is available immediately after the game.

Create playlists

Add all your tags to playlists to create an easy overview of all important moments and compare your current match scenarios to previous weeks.

Give your fans a seamless viewing experience on zone14 TV

Improved fan experience

Offer your fans a more intense fan experience - from exciting goals to spectacular saves. Your fans are always up close and personal.

From fans for fans

With VereinsTV, zone14 brings amateur football to streaming - free of charge for all LIVE users. Clubs can operate their own platform, integrate sponsors and present match highlights - all revenue remains with the club.

Seamless streaming on YouTube

Stream your games directly to YouTube and make them accessible worldwide in real time with just one click. The scoreboard and timer make the experience even more intense.

Cross-device streaming

Streaming on any device works smoothly, whether laptop, mobile phone, TV or console. Use the YouTube Live Chat to connect your community.

Additional sources of revenue

Generate additional revenue by attracting new sponsors and making the investment in the zone14 cameras profitable.

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If you are interested in upgrading to our LIVE package, please fill out this form and our team will be in contact.

All required hardware is included in the zone14 LIVE subscription. We provide our AI-driven camera system, specifically designed for football pitches, which does not require a cameraman. There is no need to pay extra for cameras.

For coaches in your club, the live stream takes place via our zone14 REPLAY system, which is developed for football coaches by football coaches. It contains many features specifically for football analysis such as tagging, playlists and drawing. It works on any device with a compatible web browser.
For fans, our REPLAY system integrates your streams with YouTube, which viewers can access across all platforms with the YouTube app, including smart TVs, smartphones and other mobile devices.

Depending on the bandwidth available, you can expect either 1080p or 720p video quality.

Yes! Once you set your game on REPLAY, it will automatically be posted on our YouTube channel. Your viewers can then be notified via YouTube when the stream starts on match day.

Once the game is over, the game will be available on YouTube forever for your fans to watch again at any time.

zone14 REPLAY can be used with all browsers on mobile devices, tablets and computers.

Our AI algorithm is currently optimised for streaming football. However, it may be possible to stream other sports as well. Please contact our team to discuss this further.

Yes! Anyone can watch your matches via our YouTube channel, with no limit on the number of viewers. However, if you want to keep your recording private, you can always stream it via our zone14 REPLAY system. This way you can also stream your training sessions and private matches.

Yes. Any current user of zone14 REPLAY can upgrade to zone14 LIVE. In some cases, a hardware upgrade is required and is performed as part of the subscription at no additional cost.

An upload speed of at least 8 Mbps is required.


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