zone14 STATS

Deeper insights thanks to video-based statistics

Individual statistics of all players on the pitch

No Tracker Required

Our robust player tracking AI generates statistics through a single camera system without additional hardware. Annoying tracking devices and sports bras are a thing of the past.

Professional Insights

Reach the next level together, with the help of data that has been reserved for a few until now. Objective feedback for the team, control of your own tactical game ideas and clearer communication is now possible.

Context is Key

Thanks to the camera, you don't just get meaningless figures. Every statistic can be immediately put into the context of the game with the help of the video. This is how numbers become insights that help you improve your team.

Drive Success

The ability to view and compare data adds a new dimension to your coaching experience. Players' motivation is boosted by making informed decisions and‎ ‎conducting objective ‎‎evaluations.

What can you expect from zone14 STATS?

Distance Covered

With just a few clicks, determine the distances travelled by your team during the entire match.

Assessing workload, individual performances with and without the ball has never been easier. With the help of zone14 STATS, load and running performance can be managed and allows the coaching team to make more informed decisions.


Keep tabs on the number of sprints performed by each player throughout the match.

In addition, thanks to synchronisation with the video recordings, context can be established immediately for each sprint. As well as physical fitness, this makes it even easier to train tactical elements such as pressing triggers and the effectiveness of the press.

High Intensity Runs

High-intensity runs are key. They provide unique insights into the performance of players. 

Tracking these runs gives valuable information about the team's ability to press opponents and create fast-paced attacking opportunities. The timing of these runs provides conclusions about many tactical elements and their implementation in the game.

Average Speed

Measure the average speed of players throughout the match and across different time periods.

This data helps evaluate the overall tempo of the team's and individual's play.

Top Speed

Who is the fastest on the pitch? 

This is always the conversation in every dressing room. Top speeds provide information about the potential of the individual players. In addition, it can easily increase the competition and motivation within the team in every training session. 

Elevate your coaching with player-focused insights and videos

Objective Analysis

Analysis through objective data increases trust in your direction to players. It makes clearly measuring ability and improvements possible which increases motivation of the squad..

New Strategies

Gain an edge by spotting patterns through data analysis. This enables the refinement of tactics by pinpointing recurring strengths and weaknesses.

Improved Training

Leverage data analysis to enhance training and workload planning. Identify potential injury risks and assess fitness through objective data.

Visual Display Tool

Enhance your post match analysis meetings with clear visual displays making it more easy to interpret key metrics. Combine STATS with our zone14 REPLAY-Tool,‎ ‎for a comprehensive video analysis experience.

Interested in taking your team to next level through STATS?

Book an appointment and one of our experts will get back to you.


We have now started an exclusive early access period for zone14 partners. If you are a partner club and want to get access to the beta please fill out this form For everyone else, zone14 STATS will be available at the beginning of 2024!

Nein. zone14 hat den ersten Algorithmus zur Verfolgung von Spielern entwickelt, der alle Daten über die vorhandenen Kameras liefern kann. Es sind keine GPS-Tracking-Geräte oder Kamera-Upgrades erforderlich.

The algorithm will automically start working after the final whistle, with all stats viewable on the REPLAY platform within 24 hours.

Yes. Our team are always pushing the limits of AI and developing new algorithms to produce different types of data and stats. We are working hard with our partner clubs to develop features that are most beneficial to coaches. If you have any suggestions of what may be most useful to your team or coaching methods please get in contact with us!

Yes, it is possible to use STATS with other cameras; however, optimization may not be guaranteed. We recommend getting in touch with our team to discuss this further and explore the available options.


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