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Yes! We offer a one month test period, with a 100% money-back guarantee.


Not at all! You only need to set it up once. You will get two component: a camera module, and the zone14 box. The cameras can be mounted on floodlight poles, walls or roofs of your stadium via a simple solution, while the box is placed at the nearest power source and connected to the cameras via cable. We will be happy to assist you in the selection of the optimal mounting location. After this one-time setup that usually takes 20min you will not have to ever worry about setting up, charging or maintaining the system in any way and can focus on the matchday instead.

Yes, in the app you simply have to schedule your matches. After that, the games are recorded autonomously.

We know, your time is the most valuable thing. Therefore, after the system is set up once, there will be no extra maintenance such as charging or transferring video files to your computer. Match analysis itself is made incredibly simple and intuitive, to save you time!

Typically the system is used for post-match analysis. Organise your clips in playlists and replay them afterward. Even during the game, you can tag key scenes to save time on post-match analysis.