zone14 vs Veo - Cameras for football recording and analysis

Unlike alternative analysis solutions, zone14 is the only football camera on the market where there is no large upfront cost. The camera comes as part of your subscription package. zone14’s team are deeply rooted in amateur sports and have created the most affordable, easy to use solution to football data analysis in the lower leagues. Despite the lower cost, quality is not forgotten. The AI and data systems created are of an exceptionally high standard. The zone14 'Replay' System‎ is easy to use, even for beginners in football data and tactical analysis. Total focus is on coaches and analysis which is not the case with all alternative options. With the support of partner clubs, the engineers are always working to improve the system. zone14 is the most innovative option available.

Affordable Solution

zone14 offer a solution to the usual high cost of investing in cameras needed to record and analyse football matches. The 4k camera system is included in the subscription cost, which starts at €115/month (unlimited users). This allows teams to be completely set up to professionally analyse football matches without the need to raise initial thousands.

With zone14 there is no need for extra costs such as tripods, mounts, and storage cases as all you need is included in the subscription cost. The ‘tagging’ and analysis tools also come at no extra cost. There is no increase in price for multiple teams using the camera, meaning the first team, reserves and youth teams can all use the one camera at no extra cost.

Other solutions often have high upfront costs. For example Veo charge €999* for their camera, with the mandatory subscription cost starting from €67*/month (for use by one team only) and an extra €30*/month for use of analysis tools. Further costs include necessary add-ons such as the 7.3m tripod (€399*) and storage case (€89*).

Whilst Veo makes it possible to have complete ownership of the camera, there are a range of benefits of leasing the device. Leasing means maintenance becomes a lot easier. If there are any malfunctions replacements are more easily sorted. Upgrading is easier, there is no need to purchase a whole new device again in future. Products also depreciate over time as technology advances, making it difficult to sell products you own if you wish to upgrade in future. Subscription services also ensure you receive a greater commitment to development, as the business must work hard to earn and retain trust and loyalty from customers.

(*Prices excluding VAT)

Player Tracking System For Reliable Data

zone14’s AI Technology has been trained to track the movements of the players rather than the ball. Coaches speak highly of the benefit this wider view gives in tactical analysis. It allows views of players off the ball movement and shape, as well as in possession. Player Tracking makes zone14 a more effective tool for recording training sessions and other scenarios where multiple balls may be in-play. This system will also soon make individual player data a possibility for users.

Veo’s AI track the ball movement, which has benefits for live broadcasting. However, in terms of analysing players positioning and generating data a player tracking system is more effective.

Setup Time

With Veo, it is necessary to take down the camera each time after use to charge it for next time. Whilst this makes for a more portable solution, it adds extra work for smaller teams who only work with a few staff already on a busy schedule.

First time (and one-time) installation for the zone14 analysis camera takes approximately 45 minutes; there is no need to take down the camera each time after use. The camera can even be scheduled to start recording in advance. This means there is no set up on match day and the coach can have complete focus on the match upon their arrival to the ground. All making zone14 a non time-consuming analysis solution, but one that allows teams to gain the most valuable insights for tactics and training.


Veo’s battery powered device can be more useful for pitches in remote locations with limited power supply. But this does mean the camera cannot be used for more than 2-3 matches. This is not always helpful for pitches where multiple games will be played across the day. Batteries can also mean more costs as battery quality can deteriorate over time. Meaning after some years a new device is required to be purchased as it is not possible to only replace the battery. On full capacity, Veo’s battery powered device has a maximum recording time of approximately 4 hours. The camera also takes 4 hours to charge to full capacity.

zone14’s cameras directly connect to mains power supply with no battery required. This means there is no worries about the camera’s battery running low mid game or battery quality deteriorating over time. On a busy weekend, teams do not have to worry about charging the device in between games. The same camera can be used all day long for all the matches taking place.


Die zone14-Kameras ermöglichen eine einfache und sichere Montage an fast jedem Ort. Zur Montage können Flutlichter und andere vorhandene Befestigungen im Vereinsstadion genutzt werden. Durch diese Montageart entfällt die Investition in teure Stative. Wenn diese am Spielfeldrand platziert werden, besteht die Gefahr, dass sie von Spielern umgeworfen oder bei starkem Wind beschädigt werden. Durch die feste Montage ergibt sich auch die Möglichkeit, die Kamera viel höher zu montieren. Dies kann nützlicher sein, um klarere Einblicke in die taktische Positionierung des Teams zu gewinnen.

The benefit of having a non-fixed mounting system is of course the ability to take the camera to away fixtures. However, clubs have often found it is useful to have a camera than can be easily shared by all who play at the ground.

With Veo, it is necessary to purchase a tripod to mount the camera. The highest tripod current available from Veo is 7m. It is not possible to mount the camera onto floodlights or other structures, meaning users can experience instability or swaying in the video footage when recording in strong winds.

AI and Data

Veo are able provide useful data on key metrics such as team possession, shots, and other general match events. In addition, heatmaps can also be produced. The current limitation with VEO is important statistics that on distances, intensities and speed are not able to be produced.

zone14’s strength lies in harnessing AI’s capabilities to provide coaches with precise, invaluable performance data. The fixed mounting system allows for precise calibration, training AI to generate data with exceptional accuracy. zone14’s cameras have the ability to identify individual players performance data, including distances covered, speed and intensities (zone14 STATS)‎ Coaches will soon be able to view team formation maps and heat maps. Usually, investment is required in GPS devices to access this data. zone14 have created an innovative solution using AI and video.

Live-Funktionen - Veo und zone14 Kamera mit Ohne abo

Veo offers live streaming capabilities through their football camera. Viewers can download the Veo app on mobile/tablet devices to view matches and will be notified when their team begins broadcasting. Scoreboard overlays can be added through the Veo producer panel to allow viewers to easily keep updated. Furthermore, sponsor overlays can be added to the stream which are a great way to earn additional revenue through your football camera.

zone14 have recently launched the extensive 'LIVE' Package ‘LIVE’ package, which brings numerous live capabilities to users. Matches can be scheduled through the REPLAY platform to be broadcasted live on YouTube, which means easy access on all devices such from mobiles to laptops and even Smart TVs. Scoreboard and sponsor overlays can easily be added to the live streams.

As well as the ability to live stream football matches, the 'LIVE' Package also brings users the opportunity to carry out second screen match analysis. This means the coaching staff can re-watch moments and identify tactical changes mid-match. Through the REPLAY platform , analysis can also be carried out remotely. Key match moments can even be tagged ‘live’ throughout the match which also can speed up the analysis process post match! A further benefit of live streaming matches with zone14 is that the recording is instantly uploaded to the cloud, removing upload waiting times after the match.

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