"Fall of Features": Improvement of our football camera

Back in August we at zone14 announced our “Fall of Features” campaign. While the world took a summer breather, we've been hard at work crafting something extraordinary for you! Our zone14 ONE camera is already the best for recording football games anyway, and it only got better. Now we want to review some of the highlights from this season of innovation and see some of the features we unveiled every week throughout Autumn. Some of them have definitely changed our customer’s game already!

STATS: Automatic Player Insights

zone14 STATS: automatic statistics for football games with just a camera

We started the “Fall of Features” as strong as it was humanly possible unveiling our biggest announcement to date - zone14 STATS: Redefining Player Insights. We are opening up a completely new era of player-based statistics, all extracted directly from video footage. Distance covered, maximum speed, sprints, heatmaps, and more – all at your fingertips.

zone14 STATS liefert dir datengestützte Erkenntnisse, die deine Trainingsstrategie revolutionieren werden. Wir haben bereits die erste Beta-Phase mit einigen unserer Kunden durchlaufen und haben sie nun auf die zweite Phase mit weiteren Partnerclubs ausgeweitet. Und wir stehen erst am Anfang.

Brighter, Balanced, and Better: Optimizing our camera's color for the best football games viewing experience

We've been listening to your feedback and working tirelessly to enhance your experience with zone14 cameras. So this fall we announced a significant bug fix that you've been waiting for!


Our unique double camera system sometimes caused variations in pitch color tones, especially when sunlight hit one of the cameras more than the other. We understand the frustration and worked tirelessly to roll out a new color balancer to address this issue! 

See for yourself below:

Picture-Perfect Enhancement: Along with fixing the color inconsistency, we've also added a touch of magic to the visuals. Enjoy enhanced picture saturation for a more vibrant and immersive viewing experience! 


Before & After: See the transformation for yourself➡️

Second screen analysis: Livestream your football games for analysis

This was the first part of our big zone14 LIVEannouncement that included several features. We've taken your live match analysis to new heights with zone14's latest addition - Second Screen Analysis! Now, with zone14 you can watch the game live and utilize all the powerful analysis tools from zone14 REPLAY in real-time. No more waiting for post-match analysis; it is right there at your fingertips as the game unfolds. You can highlight key plays, draw tactical diagrams, and analyze player movements—all while the game is in progress. Break down the action and gain real-time insights that could make the difference between winning and losing. Tag key moments for halftime strategies and make immediate, objective decisions. Be more prepared for your half-time team talk than ever before!  

Faster upload: analyse your football recordings soon after filming

Faster upload: analyse your football recordings soon after filming

For the big zone14 LIVEannouncement we had to do several big changes in our systems in the background. These upgrades paved the way for the brand new zone14 solution set to take your coaching and fan experience to the next level. But they also allowed us to upgrade the experience for all the customers, not even on the LIVE-package .

We know time is crucial in the world of football coaching so we supercharged your zone14 REPLAY-experience. Our zone14 box now records football games and uploads your footage immediately at the same time. Moreover, our AI camera algorithms have hit the gym, and they're now lightning-quick at processing your footage! With all this you can now expect your games to be uploaded to REPLAY 300% faster, allowing you to dive into your analysis quicker than before!


YouTube Livestreaming: live football for your fans

The next big thing that we announced as a part of zone14 LIVE was zone14 TV. In addition to coaching-focused features, our new zone14 LIVE package brings a whole other dimension to zone14! As this is our first offering aimed at the fans of the clubs that we work with. 

We all at zone14 love going to the stadium, but sometimes life gets in the way. But now, with zone14 TV on YouTube , that's changing! From thrilling goals to nail-biting saves, you'll be right there in the action, no matter where you are. Watch the game in the clubhouse, at a local pub, or on your couch at home. The ultimate fan experience is here. And the best part? It works on ANY device! Whether you're on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop, our YouTube-based streaming ensures you won't miss a moment of the action. Can't catch the live action? No worries! zone14 TV games are always available to watch back on YouTube. Relive every moment and analysis whenever it's convenient for you!

Here's another exciting part - zone14 TV opens up additional revenue opportunities for clubs through sponsor integrations. Imagine our video cameras paying for themselves while you enjoy the football. It's a win-win!

Faster Tactical Cam: improving our football tactical camera

We're committed to perfecting your football analysis experience. That's why we're excited to share a small yet significant update: an improvement to our AI algorithms behind the football tactical camera, your trusted AI video camera operator! 

What has changed?

🔄 Swift Attack Coverage: In some football matches, in the heat of quick counter-attacks, there used to be moments when our AI camera operator couldn't keep up, leaving the ball out of the frame on the tactical camera view and only visible in the full panoramic view. But not anymore! We've upgraded our player tracking algorithms to ensure every play, especially those lightning-fast counter-attacks, is covered with precision and clarity. 🏃‍♂️📽️

⬇️See for yourself ⬇️

With this update, you can count on zone14 to capture all the action, no matter how rapid or unpredictable it gets.

LIVE Scoreboard banners: making your amateur football livestreams better

LIVE Scoreboard banners: making your amateur football livestreams better

Not long after giving our partner clubs the first ability to stream their football games directly to YouTube, we were thrilled to introduce an enhanced live game experience with the addition of Live Scoreboards! 

Amateur football fans can now stay updated with a real-time game clock, conveniently displayed on our new Live Scoreboards. They can track the action as it unfolds with live score updates for both home and away teams. And all it requires is a ridiculously simple setup. Clubs just need to tag game and second-half start times, as well as update the score on our intuitive live tagging board. It's a win-win for fans watching on zone14 TV and coaches looking to streamline their analysis. 

To make the live experience even better we've also simplified the tagging experience with a swipe! No more digging through menus; now you can seamlessly switch between different saved tagging boards while live tagging. It's all about making your experience smoother and more intuitive on any device. All of our partner clubs can benefit from this simple enhancement even if they are not part of zone14 LIVE sind.

Match Sharing: immediately share the match with other football coaches

As part of our mission to enhance the amateur football coaching experience and possibilities, we want to facilitate collaboration. So one of our new features was aimed at exactly that - Seamless Match Sharing on zone14 REPLAY. Now, you can effortlessly share match recordings made with our cameras with anyone even if they are not zone14 users, simplifying collaboration between teams and coaches like never before. It's a game-changer for football analysis and teamwork. With zone14 REPLAY , sharing match recordings is as simple as sending a link. Clubs can easily provide access to fellow coaches, players, or anyone who needs the recording, streamlining communication and collaboration. No more complicated file transfers or lengthy setup processes. Whether it's sharing match recordings with opposing coaches, collaborating within your own team, or even making it accessible to league members, our Match Sharing feature enhances teamwork and fosters a sense of unity within the football community. 

For leagues and clubs using our solution, access to away games becomes a breeze. All match recordings can be available within the same platform used for analysis, providing a centralized hub for all things football-related. It's all about convenience and efficiency. And of course, we prioritize data security. Our sharing feature ensures that sensitive match recordings are shared securely through the platform instead of a file that can be sent to anyone, so your content remains in safe hands. Your data, your control.


Recurring recordings: set up automatic filming of your football training sessions

Recurring recordings: set up automatic filming of your football training sessions

Our zone14 cameras have a big advantage over any other camera on the market - they focus on tracking all the players on the pitch and not just the ball, like for example Veo Camera. In a practical sense, this means that this is not just a camera for football games, you can actually film all your training sessions with zone14 cameras. Unlike others it does not get confused when there are multiple balls in play. So keeping this in mind we wanted to simplify the experience for coaches using our camera for football training recording. Now you can film every training session, every detail - automatically! With Recurring Recordings, you can effortlessly schedule and capture your training sessions or practice matches. Set your zone14 cameras to record automatically at specified times and dates. Whether it's a weekly training session or a critical practice match, we've got you covered. No more manual setup is required. With Recurring Recordings, you can focus on the quality of football in training rather than managing cameras. Coaches can review player performance, identify areas for improvement, and tailor training sessions accordingly. 


Continued Innovation

We at zone14 strive for continuous improvement and innovation and we are very happy with how many new things we were able to add to our cameras for football these past months. We will continue to add new things to the cameras throughout the years, so the fun will not stop on the “Fall of Features”. If you are a football coach and you want to do video analysis we are convinced that there is no better option than zone14. You will not only get a fully AI automated camera made specifically for football that works out of the box, but you will also get a whole set of new features regularly. Our cameras and all the upgrades are included in the subscription anyway.

This wraps up our list of all the things we added to our football cameras during the “Fall of Features. But this is only half, in this period we have also massively improved our software for video analysis and introduced multiple new features to it. If you want to read more about that you can do it here tun.

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