"Fall of Features": zone14 optimises football video analysis in record time

In August, we at zone14 kickstarted the "Fall of Features" campaign. While the world enjoyed relaxing during the summer, we were tirelessly engaged in creating something extraordinary for you! zone14 REPLAY, already renowned as the best football video analysis software, has ascended to even greater heights. Today, let's take a moment to reflect on the key highlights from this season of innovation, exploring the array of features we unveiled every week throughout Autumn. Undoubtedly, some of these advancements have already helped our customers transform their game!

STATS: Get Player Fitness Statistics from the Video Alone

zone14 STATS: automatic statistics for football games with just a camera

We started the “Fall of Features” with our biggest announcement yet - zone14 STATS: Automatic Player Insights. We are starting a groundbreaking era of player-based statistics, all extracted directly from video, taken just from one angle. Heatmaps, maximum speed, sprints, distance covered, and more – all without any additional hardware.

Bid farewell to subjective analysis. zone14 STATS delivers data-driven insights poised to revolutionize your coaching strategy. Having successfully navigated the first Beta stage with select customers, we've now expanded to the second stage with additional partner clubs. And this is just the beginning for us.

Football Analysis Drawing Tool Upgrade #1 - Player Marking and Annotations

Our drawing tool is an easy to use video analysis software that can be used online on any football video. We try to strike a balance between functionality and simplicity, so that coaches do not need to scroll through hundreds of different drawing tools, but can quickly convey all their ideas to players. We started by introducing not one, but TWO powerful upgrades to our zone14 Replay-platform's drawing tool!

1️⃣ Highlight with Circles: 🟠🔵 Now, you can emphasize players or crucial zones with precision by drawing circles on the paused video. Take your tactical insights to the next level!

2️⃣ Text Annotations: 🖋️ Make your coaching points crystal clear by adding text directly to your drawings. Communicate strategies seamlessly and empower your players to excel on the field!

These upgrades were designed to elevate your coaching game and enhance player understanding.

Football Analysis Drawing Tool Upgrade #2 - Undo, Retry, Redefine

And we did not stop there with upgrades to the drawing possibilities in our football video analysis software. We believe perfection should be attainable, even in your tactical drawings! That's why were thrilled to introduce a feature that many of our coaches have eagerly anticipated. It is a simple feature that has been requested multiple times.

**Say Hello to the Undo Button:** ⏪🚫

Made a tactical stroke that didn't quite hit the mark? No worries! With our new Undo button, coaches can now effortlessly erase their last move and refine their drawings to tactical excellence. No more starting from scratch for small mishaps! We want to once again thank our customers for the valuable feedback – you inspire us to keep refining zone14 Replay for your coaching brilliance.

Remote Analysis: Analyse Football Videos from Anywhere

These months we have announced our brand new LIVE-package - made specifically for real-time video analysis of football games. As part of it, we have announced a possibility to do remote video analysis. This is something that is not even always possible in the biggest leagues in the world, and now with the help of zone14 LIVE can be done at all levels of football. No more confines of the stadium. With zone14's Remote Analysis, club analysts can now analyze games live from anywhere in the world using zone14 REPLAY Whether it's from home or halfway across the globe, you're always in the heart of the action. Analysts can tag key moments, analyze player performance, and communicate tactical adjustments to the coach—all in real-time. With Remote Analysis, you're not just watching; you're actively shaping the game.

This feature also opens up exciting possibilities. Clubs can now hire analysts at a lower cost, making top-notch analysis accessible to all. Analysts can also offer their services to multiple clubs simultaneously, enhancing their opportunities in the industry. Whether you're a club looking to optimize your analysis process or an analyst ready to expand your horizons. It's the future of football analysis, today.

Drawings on timeline: Make sequential football analysis animations in your playlists

And we were still not done with improving our drawing tool. Next we announced an enhanced drawing tool for playlists! The game is dynamic, and so is your coaching. With our improved drawing tool, coaches can now draw directly on the clips in their playlists and save any annotations as simple sequential animations. Say goodbye to taking screenshots and struggling to match them with the game timeline. Your insights are now seamlessly integrated! When you save your drawings in the playlist, they appear right on the video timeline. As the game plays, it pauses automatically at those moments, showcasing your annotations. It's like having your entire coaching team talk prepared in advance, complete with visuals! Whether you're strategizing on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, zone14's Enhanced Drawing Tool ensures that your coaching insights are always within reach. Prepare like a pro and empower your coaching team with precision tactics!

Mobile Sports Coding Software Upgrade: Better Live Tagging Experience

Our zone14 REPLAY software has a unique feature that is very useful to simplify video analysis, by allowing coaches to do it right during the football game - LIVE-Tagging. It allows you to tag any important events right as they happen, tags are then automatically synced with the video and available right after the game. During “Fall of Features” we introduced effortless tagging board switching. A coach or an analyst can save multiple tagging boards for their different needs - for example, one for attacking play and one for defending play. We've now simplified the tagging experience with a swipe! No more digging through menus; now you can seamlessly switch between different saved tagging boards while Live-Tagging . It's all about making your experience smoother and more intuitive.

User Management: Add Unlimited Users to Your Club for Video Analysis

Lastly, we introduced the Access Control Center. Now, coaches have complete control over who accesses their match recordings and what they can do with them. It's the next step in personalizing your football experience. We introduced effortless user management allowing clubs to easily add or remove users from the club account with a few clicks. No more hassle. It's simple and efficient. Clubs can also now assign different roles to users - whether it's a manager, coach, or player. Each role comes with specific limitations to ensure privacy and data security. For example, players can watch coaches’ analysis but cannot make changes to it.

At the moment three types of roles are selectable:

  • Admin: Administrator accounts who can add and delete new users along with all other rights.
  • Coach: Coach accounts without user management permission.
  • Player: Account for players. Can only watch playlists and videos, but not edit them.

zone14 REPLAY: Kontinuierliche Weiterentwicklung

At zone14, our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has yielded a host of exciting additions to our football video analysis software in recent months. The journey of enhancements extends far beyond the "Fall of Features" as we pledge to introduce fresh elements to zone14 REPLAY in the coming years. For football coaches and analysts seeking top-notch video analysis, zone14 stands as the unparalleled choice. Our analysis software, tailored explicitly for football, not only works seamlessly out of the box but also receives regular sets of new features. And the best part? All the upgrades are part of your subscription. 

To conclude, our showcase of innovations during the "Fall of Features" only scratches the surface. In this same time span, we've also introduced significant enhancements to our fully automated AI camera systems for football, introducing a myriad of new features. To delve deeper into these improvements, read more here.

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