Focus: Women in Football 2024

8.Februar - 8. März

Women in football. More than just a game

Together with sensational partners and impressive players, we put the full focus on all those who too often deliver their best performances away from the spotlight. 

Women in Football

Join us and let's put success stories, positive developments and also topics that need to be worked on together on the centre stage. In blogs, interviews and a live event, we would like to offer a platform and everyone is invited to join us on this movement. 
Take part in the discussion, share interesting articles or speak up yourself in one of our online challenges.


Frauen im Fußball - The Talk

4. März 2024
kl. Festsaal - FH Technikum Wien.

Panel discussions by female football experts on current topics and a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with other female players, coaches and enthusiasts who are passionate about football. 



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