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zone14 ONE

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Record football games automatically with AI camera

Experience the game like never before with our AI automated zone14 ONE camera. No more worrying about missing key moments due to poor weather or the absence of a cameraman – our technology ensures a crystal clear, rain-or-shine capture of every player’s move. Our AI follows every player on the pitch and ensures that they are always in-frame, without you lifting a finger.

4K Cameras for the best football video quality

Our zone14 ONE football camera system uses two high quality 4K cameras, ensuring every detail of every play is captured in the clear resolution. Even in poor weather, you can always expect high quality video with zone14 ONE.


All In One Camera System for football

With all our subscription packages, everything you need to mount and get started with your camera system is included. Once you have ordered your system it will arrive with our two 4K cameras already connected to the mounting plate. A few screws, cable ties for the cameras and box and you are ready to start your analysis journey. Our team will be at hand to help you through every step of this one time set-up process.

Never miss a moment with your AI football camera

Flexible Mounting for Your Football Camera

Simple one time installation of your zone14 ONE football camera system in just 40 minutes, everything you need to mount is included!


Find the correct location and position to mount your camera for the best view of the pitch


Securely attach the camera and  mounting plate to your chosen location


Connect the cables from the cameras to your box and wire to the power supply

"The zone14 football camera system saves us hours of manual recording and setup week after week"
Robert Weinstabl - Coach at SV Laftnitz
Robert Weinstabl
Head Coach at SV Lafnitz (2nd div., AT)

Cover the full soccer field with one football camera

Plan Your Games

Plan once online and enjoy the game carefree - It has never been easier.


Choose the team


Choose the venue


Choose the time

With just a few clicks from anywhere.

The first football camera tracking player positions

zone14 STATS

Setup camera once. Get sports video of every game.

Heat Map on zone14 REPLAY

Continuous Power, Endless Football Filming

The zone14 ONE camera redefines convenience with a direct connection to a power supply. Say goodbye to the hassle of taking down cameras for charging after each game. With continuous power, zone14 ONE ensures uninterrupted recording and allows you to capture multiple games in a single day

The first Football camera tracking player positions

Using zone14 ONE not only gives you the video of every soccer game you record, but also replaces the hardware trackers. With zone14 STATS you can get the usual football performance statistics such as distance covered, sprints, heatmaps and more just from the camera, with no additional hardware.  Learn more

Effortless uploads of your football recordings

Convenience is key. Post-match, your cameras automatically upload your recordings to zone14 REPLAY server. It can be done with 4g, WiFi or Ethernet. Dive deep into insights, customise your clips, and download unlimited footage.

Camera Made to Record and Analyse Soccer Games

Your zone14 ONE camera effortlessly syncs with zone14 REPLAY. , offering a one-touch link to control your cameras from your device. Schedule matches in advance to cut down setup time, and conveniently monitor your camera status to diagnose any issues. 

Stream games live directly from your soccer camera

with zone14 LIVE


Depending on the situation at your club, your camera can either have a wired internet connection through Ethernet cables or via 4G connection with a SIM card. 

Once uploaded, match recordings are stored on the cloud for up to one year.

No! It takes approximately 40 minutes to setup your camera for the first time. After that matches can be scheduled in advance on REPLAY meaning no set up time required on matchday!

There are various options for mounting your zone14 ONE camera from floodlights, to grandstands and even trees! Once you have ordered your camera, our team will help you to decide the best location to mount the camera at your pitch. You can read more about the mounting process here. 

Yes! By using zone14 as your football camera partner, you are ensuring you always receive the most innovative product on the market. Any necessary hardware upgrades that may arise are included in the price, and we are constantly adding non-hardware upgrades to our systems. Read more on our latest new features here. 

Simplify your football video recording with zone14 One Camera

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